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September  25, 2019


NAX Machining Works  is pleased to announce the addition of our newest Okuma M460V 5AXIS.

Okuma Genos M460V 5-Axis  machine center Key Features:


  • Travels X762-Y460-Z460 and work size d600 x h400

  • X,Y,Z,B,C axis with absolute linear encoders, 0.001mm at 150m/min

  • Thermal stability with TAS-S and TAS-C systems

  • Spindle with 15000rpm / 22KW / 199Nm

  • High-Speed Control providing Super NURBS 5-axis interpolation, RTCP II, and Tool life management

  • Trunnion table with Hypoid gear transmission and direct absolute measurement

  • Spindle coolant through system with 70bar pressure for special drilling

  • Interactive work gauging software, Metrology cycle via Renishaw probe.

April  15, 2019


Our visit at Expo Machinery at Sofia- Bulgaria. Focused on Bulkmetal kiosk , for the Okuma Genos M460V – 5AX….what a machine!! Shall we buy it ? I think we should!! 

January  24, 2019

Our visit at DMG premises for the Open House Pfronten 2019. An outstanding experience full of new CNC machines and technologies accompanied by an excellent hosting from DMG Hellas. Sorry but no photos  allowed inside factory.

March  31, 2014


A new arrival for the arsenal of NAX….a brand new

Okuma Genos M560RV 4-Axis Vertical machine center.

X 1050 / Y 500/ Z 460 with 4 axis rotary table Kitagawa TMX250,

high speed cutting, ATC 32 tools , coolant through…

February 7, 2012


Purchasing of a new  DEA Scirocco CMM