Milling Equipment

Okuma Genos M460V 5-Axis  machine center.

Key Features


  • Travels X762-Y460-Z460 and work size d600 x h400

  • X,Y,Z,B,C axis with absolute linear encoders, 0.001mm at 150m/min

  • Thermal stability with TAS-S and TAS-C systems

  • Spindle with 15000rpm / 22KW / 199Nm

  • High-Speed Control providing Super NURBS 5-axis interpolation, RTCP II, and Tool life management

  • Trunnion table with Hypoid gear transmission and direct absolute measurement

  • Spindle coolant through system with 70bar pressure for special drilling

  • Interactive work gauging software, Metrology cycle via Renishaw probe.

Okuma Genos M560RV 4-Axis Vertical machine center.

X=1050mm  Y=560mm  Z=460mm    

Max spindle speed RPM=12000        


4Axis:  KITAKAWA      type: TMX 250-JB23 

Okuma MX 45   4-Axis Vertical machine center

X=762mm  Y=460mm  Z=450mm               

Max Spindle Speed RPM=7000      


4Axis: KITAKAWA               type: TM 200A4-006

Rich Young     (conventional- with Heidenhein digital measuring indicator)

X=600mm  Y=400mm  Z=400~500mm              

Max spindle speed RPM=60~4200      


Turning Equipment

Okuma LB 300M   (CNC - 3axis)

Swing Over Bed: Ø530mm        

Swing Over Carriage: Ø530mm     

Swing Over Bed Gap: Ø420mm   

Center Distance: 520mm         

Spindle rpm: 45~3800                  

Live Tool: 12

TOS-TRECIN SN 500 S    (conventional - with Heidenhein digital measuring indicator)

Swing Over Bed: Ø505mm         

Swing Over Carriage: Ø270mm      

Swing Over Bed Gap:Ø700mm       

Center Distance: 1500mm      

Spindle rpm: 12,5~2000   

MVE-340   (conventional - with Heidenhein digital measuring indicator)

Swing Over Bed: Ø700mm      

Swing Over Carriage: Ø480mm       

Swing Over Bed Gap:Ø920mm       

Center Distance: 3000mm        

Spindle rpm: 19~950            


C 10M   (conventional - with Heidenhein digital measuring indicator)

Swing Over Bed: Ø560mm       

Swing Over Carriage: Ø330mm     

Swing Over Bed Gap:Ø730mm        

Center Distance: 1000mm    

Spindle rpm: 12.5~2000



General Equipment


Max. Grinding Length  X=600  Y=200        

max. Distance from spindle to table:425 - r125=300mm              

Grinding Wheel:Ø250mm              

Spindle rpm:2660




Manual Stroking: 1,5 to 165 mm (.060 - 6.500 in.)                               

Power Sroking: 1,5 to 95 mm (.060-3.750 in.)                  

Workpiece Weight : 2.7 Kg (6 lbs.)               

Sroke Length Range: Up to 406 mm (16 in.)



Saw  Horizontal



Saw  Horizontal  BATTENS



Saw Vertical                 

Hydraulic Press  100tn                

2X  Mechanical Press  100tn