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Finite Element Analysis   F.E.A

FEA Capabilities


    We can implement a Finite Elements Method Analysis to optimize the structure and give you a lighter, more effective structure and the best overall solution to your application.

    Our capabilities in FEA include structural static and dynamic analysis, buckling analysis, thermal and thermal transient analysis, FSI (Fluid Structure Interaction) analysis etc.

    Moreover, we can demonstrate a full non-linear analysis with geometry, materials and boundary conditions non linearity.


    We provide our clients with low cost, reliable and professional finite element analysis (FEA). We use Compute Aid Design (CAD) tools to do the design and drafting documentation which can be used for FE Analysis. Our clients can also simply send us any type of CAD file and we then convert, import and mesh the geometry in our FEA programs.

Area of Expertise


Structure Stress Analysis FEA Linear/Nonlinear Analysis


  • Geometric Nonlinear (Large deflection, large strain, etc.)

  • Material Nonlinear (creep, plasticity, viscoelasticity, hyperelasticity, etc.)

  • Contact Nonlinear (friction, )


  • FEA Static stress Analysis

  • FEA Dynamic Analysis Transient Impact Analysis

  • Modal Analysis

  • Random Vibration Analysis

  • Harmonic Analysis

  • Spectrum Stress Analysis

  • Fracture Analysis


  • FEA Fatigue Analysis

  • FEA Buckling Analysis

  • FEA Structure Stress Anal



Thermal Stress FEA Analysis Services Steady State Analysis


  • Transient Analysis

  • Conduction Analysis

  • Convection Analysis

  • Radiation Analysis



Computational Fluid Dynamics


  • Steady and Transient flows cfd analysis

  • Imcompressible and Compressible flows cfd services

  • Laminar and Turbulent flows CFD simulation

  • Heat Transfers (Convection, Conduction and Radiation)

  • Newtonian and Non-Newtonian flows CFD consulting

  • Mass Transfers CFD engineering consulting

  • Buoyancy and Rotation

  • Free Surface Flows and Cavitation

  • Multiple Streams

  • Dispersed Multi-Phase Flows

  • Unstructured Meshes

  • All-tetrahedral Meshes

  • Embedded Refinement

  • Sliding Interfaces

  • Multiple Rotation Zones

  • Dynamic Cell Addition/Deletion





Analysis, Redesign And Manufacturing of Aircraft Brakes Compression Springs


    New springs redesigned and and manufactured according to FEA results. The new springs were modeled with a full 3-D simulation to demonstrate the desired performance in the demanding operational environment of an aircraft brake piston.













                                                                   Figure 1. FEM results and CAD model of the compression springs.


Design And Manufacture Of Mounting Structure Of Avionics Control Box In The Passengers Compartment Of An Ec-135 Helicopter


    A custom designed and manufactured mounting structure for the installation of an avionics control box. Every part of the hardware was stress analyzed in detail with FEM for every load case scenario.




Failure Analysis and Redesigned of Aircraft Landing Gear Component

    Analysis, redesign and fatigue life assessment of the rod end component of an aircraft. Analysis has been conducted by combining a kinematic analysis with a finite element analysis (FEA) of a full three-dimensional model and a stress-life, fatigue design approach.













                Figure 5. Comparison between calculated maximum stress location (left) and actual crack initiation findings (right).


FSI (Fluid Structure Interaction) Analysis of a composite wing.

    A full 3-D model of a wing was analyzed in CFD under many flow scenarios (angle of attack and speed). The resulted aerodynamic pressure was then applied to the structure to calculate the stresses and the deformation.

The deformed geometry was used to update the CFD analysis and finally to check the flutter and the performance of the wing.































                                   Design of a Helicopter Fixed Point Fast Rope System


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