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Quality  Control

Quality Control is a main part of our developing, engineering or manufacturing process in order to ensure that the designed and fabricated products meet the customers’ expectations &  defined tolerances.

We can undertake the measurements of you products  & prototypes, call us in order to arrange a demonstration for you…

Controlled temperatures in production and quality control areas.

-  3D measures via 2 CMM machines, one manual and one automatic (strokes X   860mm / Y 1400mm / Z 600mm), driven by PC-DMIS CAD.

-  Comparator

-  Height indicators

-  Surface treatment indicator

-  Roughness indicator

-  Thickness tube indicator (ultrasonic)

-  Hardness indicator

-  Conductivity indicator

-  Variety  Thread / Ring / Plug gauges

-  Variety of master gauges

-  Variety of digital indicators (external & internal) up to 1000mm

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